Welcome to Marcher Consultants

Marcher Consultants was organized in 1991 by its founding members, Steve Wexler and Marie Wexler , both of whom are still actively involved in the day-to-day administration of the company’s activities.

Since its inception, Marcher’s professionals have provided consulting services in the following areas:

Financial Turn-around Management and Debt Restructuring

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan Development and Implementation  

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Financial Administration

Expert Witness Testimony/Litigation Support 

Court Appointed Examiner and Receiver Cases

Interim Chief Financial Officer  

Corporate Due Diligence and Forensic Investigations

Marcher has developed strategic plans for the financial rehabilitation of a wide range of operating businesses and developers in the real estate industry.


Our professionals have worked closely with members of the Northern Virginia Bar in the development of Plans of Reorganization and Disclosure Statements, many of which have been confirmed by the US Bankruptcy Court.  Steve Wexler has been Court-appointed as follows:  

Judge S. Martin Teel, Jr.,  District of Columbia Bankruptcy Court – Examiner (with expanded duties) in the case of Thomas Enterprises, Inc. (government contractor)

Judge S. Martin Teel, Jr.,  District of Columbia Bankruptcy Court – Examiner in the case of Curtis Working Chevrolet (retailer)

Chief Judge Martin V. B. Bostetter, Jr., Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division Bankruptcy Court  - Examiner in the case of Latino Mercado (retailer)

Judge Robert G. Mayer, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division – Financial Advisor to the Court-appointed Bankruptcy Trustee in the case of Barry M. Peterson (real estate developer/investor)

Judge Stephen S, Mitchell, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division – Plan Administrator in the case of Han Sweeter (real estate developer/investor)

Judge Thomas D. Horne, Circuit Court of Loudoun County , Virginia Receiver for various real estate limited liability companies in the case of James Madigan v. Mark Caldwell, et. al.

Steve Wexler has also been engaged as an expert witness in cases before the Prince William County and Fairfax County Circuit Courts as well as the Federal District Court (in Alexandria , VA ).  He has provided expert witness testimony in matters related to bankruptcy plan feasibility and financial projections, interest rate assumptions, cash collateral issues, bankruptcy preference payments and unauthorized transfers analyses and the process of real estate development and brokerage.


During 2008 Mr. Wexler was approved as the Real Estate and Operations Manager for the Chapter 11 Estates of Vijay Taneja and related corporate entities, reporting to Trustee Jason Gold.  This is a case involving massive mortgage fraud, institutional lender creditors and a requirement for coordinated liquidation of a real estate portfolio aimed at maximizing creditor distributions.


Marcher recently commenced out-sourced services to institutional lenders assisting in the management and disposition of troubled loan portfolios.  Our responsibilities include Borrower negotiations, debt restructurings and foreclosure impact analyses


While the majority of our work has been Debtor-related, there have been instances where we have been engaged to represent Creditors’ interests.  Specifically, we were engaged as an expert witness for Bethlehem Steel in the chapter 11 bankruptcy case of Atlas Machine & Iron Works, a case in which Bethlehem ultimately prevailed. We were engaged by Wachovia Bank to coordinate the non-judicial liquidation of a Borrower.  We were also engaged by a Bethesda (MD) bank with respect to the administration and oversight of a significant line of credit borrower during a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Marcher was engaged by First Tennessee Bank in the Chapter 11 case of Pinebrook, LLC, a Northern Virginia residential real estate development - in which Marcher was to be provide expert witness testimony in the areas of real estate development and plan feasibility.  Asset-based Lenders such as Presidential Financial of the Chesapeake ( Baltimore , MD ), Federal National Payables ( Rockville , MD ) and Commerce Funding Corporation ( Tysons Corner , VA ) have requested our involvement in matters related to their borrowers.  In addition, we have been engaged by several creditors’ committees in chapter 11 cases.


Our engagements have typically included review and analysis of historical and present financial performance to establish conclusions and recommendations regarding viability and continued business operations.  Our conclusions are typically presented in the form of an operating business plan against which future operations can be measured.


We also have been engaged to provide financial oversight and administration services for profitable operating companies – the role of interim Chief Financial Officer.  These engagements have included responsibility for general ledgers, coordination of payroll processing, financial reporting and planning, development of institutional banking relationships, administration of on-site accounting staffs, oversight for fringe benefit and insurance programs and other tasks as requested.