Corporate Due Diligence and Forensic Investigations



Due diligence is a formal investigation of a company and a detailed review of all relevant material regarding its business, ownership, management, employees, products, markets, competition, operations, finances, assets, liabilities and legal matters. 


The due diligence service is performed to examine the claims and disclosures of firms that are typically seeking to obtain equity or debt financing, preparing for  mergers and/or acquisitions, issue securities, or enter into restructuring or turnaround activities.


In addition to situations where formal due diligence is requested, Marcher Consultants can also provide guidelines for all parties involved in financing, mergers, acquisitions, or turnarounds, including managers preparing their financing requests, business plans, and strategic business proposals.


Financial Analysis

Management Audit

Operations Assessment

Human Resources Assessment

Business Plans and Financial Projections

Credit and Collateral Analysis

Assets and Liabilities Verification

Customers and Revenues Verification

Financing Feasibility Analysis

Economic Feasibility Analysis

Project Feasibility Analysis